Hotel carpet cleaning in East Sussex.

Hotel carpet cleaning

Dean’s Place Hotel in East Sussex are on top of their hotel carpet and upholstery cleaning. They have taken the time to have us go through every room, restaurant and bar area to clean any carpet or upholstery in need. If your hotel needs some carpet or upholstery cleaning then contact us for a free…

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Cinema and theatre seat cleaning.

Cinema and theatre seat cleaning

Are you in need of cinema and theatre seat cleaning? A clean seat is vital for the returning customers to a cinema or theatre this year. We are available for any cinema or theatre seat cleaning and ready for returning customers whether a hen up or a deep clean. Give your commercial upholstery the brand…

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Church carpet cleaning in Sussex.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning the egularly scheduled is very important for any business or premises. Allergies, bacteria, stains and smells can all impact how a business is viewed. Keeping on top of the basic hygiene of your commercial carpet will improve your overall level of cleanliness. Carpet adds warmth and coziness to your home. It also…

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Office Carpet Cleaning

Dirty commercial carpet

Call now on 0330 912 7511 CBL Fastenings needed their office carpet cleaning in Hailsham. They wanted to see if we were able to save the current carpets in their new unit therefore they asked for the Guardswell treatment. Office Carpet Cleaning Protects your Investment like servicing your car. Flooring is a substantial investment —one…

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Hospitality and Holiday let Carpet Cleaning in Bishopstone.

cleaning Hospitality

We went back to Norton Farm in Bishopstone in Seaford to do some hospitality maintenance carpet cleaning. Norton Farm is an amazing collection of hospitality holiday let’s. If you are looking for a great location that also gives you peace and quiet then look no further. Guardswell attend regularly to help the Farm maintain their…

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Commercial Cleaning of Church Pew’s and Carpets in Sussex


low moisture encap commercial cleaning These church pews and carpets were in need of a clean and not only to get rid of stains, smells and dirt. We also gave an anti-viral wash to eliminate any possible germs and bacteria in the upholstery. For all your Commercial cleaning needs, contact Guarswell Cleaning.

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Office and Workplace Carpet Cleaning

office carpet cleaning

Get your Office and Workplace ready for the end of lockdown. Staff and customers will soon be returning to your commercial premises. There is no better time to get your carpets and upholstery back to it’s best. Contact us at Guardswell Cleaning for a free quote, we also offer gum or bluetac removal. We serve…

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