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Hard Floor Cleaning

Restoring the shine and durability of your hard floors with safe and effective cleaning techniques. We cater to hotels, restaurants, and more, ensuring professional and comprehensive care for all types of hard flooring.
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End Of Tenancy Cleaning Services.

Why Choose Us For Your Hard Floor Cleaning?

Most cleaners or caretakers will be use to using a mop and bucket when cleaning a hard floor. This is fine for a while but have you ever noticed black areas building up in your tile grout lines or in the dimples of your safety floor?

This is because no matter how through or careful you maybe, you will always be leaving a small amount of dirty water on the floor. This dries and builds up causing the floors to go black and also cause slip and hygiene problems.

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Regular Maintenance Cleaning

We can build a bespoke maintenance cleaning contract. This gives you the best and most cost effective chance of keeping you residential or commercial property looking and feeling great.

We can set you up with any time period suited to you, from weekly, monthly, bi-monthly and so on. Call us now for a free consultation and you too can start to wonder why you didn’t have this done sooner.

Our Services.

Effective Cleaning Methods

At Guardswell cleaning, we only employ the safest and most effective carpet cleaning methods so your carpets and upholstery will never get damaged. Our professional carpet cleaning service will help remove deep-seated dirt, oil and grease and eliminate any non-permanent stains and odours.

Whether you have a small rug in Alfriston, a restaurant in Newhaven or a large hotel in Eastbourne, we will be able to fulfil your needs. Carpets can be walked on straight after cleaning so minimal inconvenience with maximum results. Get in touch now to receive a free, no obligation quote.


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