Hotel carpet cleaning in East Sussex.

Hotel carpet cleaning

Dean’s Place Hotel in East Sussex are on top of their hotel carpet and upholstery cleaning.

They have taken the time to have us go through every room, restaurant and bar area to clean any carpet or upholstery in need.

If your hotel needs some carpet or upholstery cleaning then contact us for a free quote.

We are available to remove stains and smells, gum and food and also to just help keep them fresh.


Vacuuming can be useful, but it only does a limited level of cleaning. Dust settles inside the tightly twisted textile and long fibres of a carpet. A household vacuum has limited suction power to draw out all of the dirt from inside. Dust particles that accumulate in the fibres over time must be displaced and extracted with high-end equipment. Professional carpet cleaning services use cutting-edge equipment that is specifically designed to clean up all the dirt from carpets. By hiring a professional, you can rest assured that they will use high-performance equipment to get the best results.


Cleaning your carpet is a time-consuming and difficult job. Just imagine you versus that professional carpet cleaner with his cutting-edge equipment. Who would win? You know that you will lose by a huge margin. With all the high-performance cleaning equipment, a professional cleaner can get the job done in minutes. To save your time, simply hire a professional domestic cleaning service.


As well as removing all difficult stains and dirt, a professional carpet cleaner can also restore your carpet to its original condition even after flood damage. Our specialist cleaners identify small damages and provide the best solution to reinstate the carpet. So if you are looking to get a refurbishment of your carpet, you should look for professional carpet cleaning services.


Not all carpets are made in the same way or with the same material. They vary in thickness, colour quality and design. This is why the same method may not suit all types of carpets. Specialist cleaners are experienced in handling different kinds of carpets and have knowledge about the materials and the best cleaning methods. They can tailor the perfect cleaning method to get the best possible results while minimising the risks of damage. So if you do not have enough knowledge about your carpet, you may want to leave the job to professional carpet cleaners.


You may think that acquiring some knowledge can help you clean up your carpet the right way. But the study you need to do is also time-consuming. It may seem as easy as googling “How to clean my carpet” and read out a ton of articles promising that you will become an expert in no time. But doing it is more difficult than it may seem. Still, there is no guarantee that all the research will help you nail it.

At Rainbow International, we understand that experience and skills play a vital role and it can only be acquired through training and experience. Our specialists are quite keen in educating our clients about the cleaning and restoration process.


Proper maintenance is important. Often, carpets are replaced because they look too old and dirty. Periodic cleaning at professional hands can ensure it looks and feels new for many years. After all, carpet is one of the investments you make to the interior of your home. Most carpets require you to professionally clean your carpet every year. This is same as maintaining your car. So if you want your carpets to look young every year, you must get it cleaned by a professional cleaner.


Are you convinced that your home cleaning method freshens up your carpet like it was new? You may need to review your assumption. Although a carpet may look cleaner and brighter just after you vacuum it, doesn’t mean it’s as good as new. You can test it yourself by comparing with an old picture of your carpet. Do you notice the difference in shade? Professionally cleaned carpets are cleaner than ones that haven’t been touched by a professional. Professional carpet cleaning can also be used after the scene of a crime or an unattended death.


Carpets that have not been cleaned professionally can pose a health hazard. A carpet does not only absorb dirt, but also many living organisms that reside between the fibres. These microbes can affect the air quality in your home and cause many health related problems. Especially in a house where infants crawl up to every corner. By having all the carpets of your home cleaned by a specialist, you reduce the risk of health hazards posed by the unseen dirt and grime.