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Get your commercial carpet cleaning done right.

Commercial carpet cleaning specialist. Our family run business provides you with the most professional service possible from the very first call up to us booking in your repeat visit. We strive to give you the best commercial carpet cleaning experience.

We can provide you with a tailored programme to suit your needs. If you need out of hours cleaning, regular maintenance cleaning or any other kind of service we can meet your needs. Your safety and a minimal disruption to your working environment is our main priority.

What type of commercial carpets can we clean?

Commercial carpets come in all kinds of styles, construction and fibre types. We can come to your site. Give and fully and comprehensive consultation and build the best and most suitable programme to fit your needs.

We have the capability to clean wool, poly, carpet tiles, dry clean, wet clean, solvent clean and much more. With our extensive range of high tech machinery, methods and experience you are in safe hands.

Most cleaners or caretakers will be use to using a mop and bucket when cleaning a hard floor. This is fine for a while but have you ever noticed black areas building up in your tile grout lines or in the dimples of your safety floor?

This is because no matter how through or careful you maybe, you will always be leaving a small amount of dirty water on the floor. This dries and builds up causing the floors to go black and also cause slip and hygiene problems.

Booking us in for tailored maintenance cleans can help keep your hard floors looking their best and increasing the life of your hard floor. Visit our Facebook page

We do things the Guardswell way.