Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Dirty commercial carpet

CBL Fastenings needed Commercial carpet cleaning in Hailsham. They wanted to see if we were able to save the current carpets in their new unit.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Maintenance Protects your Investment

Flooring is a substantial investment —one you’ll want to protect for years to come. After
all, the longer your flooring lasts, the less it costs. The initial cost for floorcovering
materials and installation does not fully encompass your total floorcovering investment.
The life cycle cost also factors in life expectancy of the carpet, costs for
removal/disposal, lost revenues during renovations and maintenance costs over the life
of the carpet. Good maintenance helps protect your total flooring investment.

Maintenance Helps Carpet Last Longer and Cost Less
Proactive, regularly scheduled maintenance removes soil before it can build up and
damage carpet fibers. This can actually extend the life of the carpet, reducing the costs
of restoration, replacement and disposal. Reactive maintenance cannot fully restore a
carpet to a like-new appearance. This results in shorter carpet life and higher carpet life
cycle costs. The chart below demonstrates how proactive and reactive maintenance
compare over time.

Maintenance Is Good for the Environment
Our life cycle analysis of carpet also shows that the overall environmental footprint of carpet
is reduced by increasing the amount of time a carpet remains on the floor. A consistent,
proactive maintenance program can significantly improve the appearance retention
throughout the life of the carpet. Less carpet waste going to landfills is always good for
the environment.

Appearance Over Time

Proactive Maintenance

A proactive
program, carpet retains
most of its original
appearance over time

Reactive Maintenance

A reactive maintenance
cannot bring carpet
appearance back to
the levels maintained
with a proactive
maintenance program.

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