Carpet cleaning Crowborough

Crowborough: Carpet cleaning is the best way to get your home or business looking, smelling and feeling it’s best.

Today in Crowborough, Sussex we attended a job for a customer who needed some urgent help.

The customer had needed an end of tenancy in order to receive her deposit back for the house in crowborough. She had employed a local company to come and do this easy task but unknowingly she got some cowboy traders instead.

First warning sign was the price, carpets in a 3 bed house can not be cleaned for £120 no matter how clean they are, it just can’t be done for a professional trade in this industry.

The second warning sign was the time. They were in and out in under an hour and NO VACUUMING was done either…..vacuuming is the most important part of any carpet cleaning.

Finally the stains returned, it started to smell and her deposit was close to being lost completely.

Stain returned from bad cleaning practice

Guardswell arrived in Crowborough for carpet cleaning and immediately did a deep vacuum and also got our CRB Proactive on the case. This machine really gets out what bad companies leave behind.

Dust and dirt left in carpets by bad carpet cleaners

Take look at this link

The result after a full dry extraction followed by a steam clean was street’s ahead of what we found. The customer said “I can understand why you are double the price, you do more than double the cleaning.”

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