When should you clean your Carpets or Upholstery?

Dirty carpets

Customers always ask when should you clean your carpets and upholstery, and the answer can vary depending on your situation.

The first thing we always tell people as a guide is “Treat your Carpets and Upholstery like you do your clothes.” This means clean them before they start to look or smell like they need a clean. It is that simple.

If you just paid for a nice pair of trousers and you got a grass stain on your knee or you wore them for 2 days and you realise they started to smell less fresh you would clean them straight away wouldn’t you? If you had an accident and spilt something on your jumper or your clothes, how long would you leave it before you started to worry if the stain would come out fully? You know that the longer you leave a stain in your clothes the harder it will be to get the item back looking its best, the same goes for all fabrics and fibres so action any cleaning you need sooner rather than later.

Where things can differ is with households that have allergies, properties that are customer facing or somewhere that image is very important.

Carpet and Upholstery cleaning for Allergies and Asthma

With allergies and asthma it is recommended to have your carpets and upholstery cleaned every 6 months to reduce dust, pollen and dust mites in the fibres. This is a proven way of reducing any respiratory problems and allergies.

Waiting areas or businesses where image and cleanliness is important

If you need to keep your business or have an area you need to keep clean then a maintenance contract would suit you massively. If your carpets are past their best then Guardswell Cleaning can come and do a deep first time clean restoring your carpets back to their physical best. We can then create a cleaning plan that will mean we can attend weekly, monthly, quarterly or what ever suits your specific needs.

The main benefits of a maintenance cleaning contract is that you spread costs over a longer period of time rather than paying for big lump sum jobs. Also your carpets and Upholstery actually last longer the better care you take of them meaning savings of thousands compared to replacing, not to mention the stress and upheaval of replacing flooring.

Should you attempt Carpet or Upholstery cleaning yourself?

There is nothing wrong with attempting to clean your carpet or upholstery yourself, you just need to make sure you know EXACTLY what you are doing. Using the wrong type of chemicals, cheap products, the wrong technique or just not having a clue can and will either ruin your carpet or upholstery for ever or make it more difficult for a professional to get the best results, therefore costing more to rectify.

Domestic carpet cleaning machines can also be a problem. A Vax, Rug Doctor or any other low power, small and cheaply built machine can leave your carpets wet and they can leave soap residue in the pile. Soap when dry attracts dirt, therefore leaving soap in your carpet will make your carpets get dirtier quicker than they were before you cleaned them. This now creates a vicious circle of cleaning that only occurs because corners have tried to be cut.

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