Carpet and upholstery cleaning for pubs and hospitality in Brighton

Pub upholstery

Carpets and upholstery cleaning today in Brighton and Hove. These pub stools, benches and carpets are now ready for customers to return.

Air Quality

No matter the style or quality of fabric on your furniture, it retains dust that gets released into the air each time you sit down. Improve the air quality in your home or business by removing layers of potential allergens with an upholstery cleaning. 

Once a year is great for some, but furniture that regularly accommodates pets and lots of visitors might need carpet and upholstery cleaning more often. Pets bring fleas, dust mites, and bacteria from outdoors to your furniture upholstery.

Your air filter is a good indication of the dust levels in your home and can help you create a schedule for maintenance. Check the filter each quarter to gauge how must dust your furniture attracts each month. 

Improves Health

Mold and dust allergies worsen in the face of unkempt furniture. With all the nooks and crevices on a sofa, it’s easy to overlook places where bacteria can hide.

A deep upholstery cleaning is the answer. The cushions should be regularly removed and the entire frame of your furniture cleaned from end to end. 

When a full deep cleaning isn’t possible, even wiping the surface of most fabrics helps create a healthier surface if you have allergies. 

Removes Bad Odors

Open floor plans are a gift and a curse. They are great for entertaining guests in a living room while preparing food in a kitchen.

However, daily smells from the kitchen seep into the fabric of your furniture. Not all smells are problematic but over time the furniture will accumulate a smell beyond your control. 

A deodorizing deep clean helps you reduce and reset the odors in your home.

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